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Members have access to special events and member only discounts! Those with full memberships will receive a fob to buzz themselves in when needed!

Full Membership


Issued with fob; replacement is £5

OAP Membership


Eligible for those aged 60 and over

In House Lottery
Members Only

£1 per ticket

fill with numbers 1 to 21 along with your Name and Membership No.

You must ensure that the coming Saturday's date is also written down.

Submit your ticket and money at the Bar to get included in the draw.

Remember to obtain your yellow slip in case you're the Lucky Winner!

Three winning numbers receive £10

Four winning numbers must be presented to receive the treasure!

Snooker Tables
Members Only

The 94 Club has three Snooker Tables available to book at the Bar:

£1 for 45 mins

20p for additional time

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